Abstract in English


At the frontiers of territory. Territorial ideology and land tenure dynamics in Busoga (Uganda)

Alain François

Maître de conférences en géographie, Laboratoire ICoTEM, IUFM de Poitou-Charentes

The logics that govern the consturction of territory and frontier fall irrevocably into the sphere of ideologies. A case study conducted among the Basoga of south-eastern Uganda serves as a means of highlighting the conceptual and metaphorical framework on which basis populations socialise nature and contruct their spatial and territorial imagination. This imagining structures land relationships and deeply influences the meaning that ongoing merchandisation of theses relationships can embrace. Special attention is paid to the impact of these ideologies on the management of fallow land, the atomisation of production units, the recolonisation of abandoned land and on monetary transactions and agricultural contracts.

Key-words : Uganda - Busoga - pioneer front - migration - territory - frontier - land rights - land transactions.