Abstract in English


Changes in medical knowledge and practice: the example of malaria control in Senegal

Tidiane Ndoye

Doctorant EHESS, Dakar

et Véronique Poutrais

Anthropologue, Université de Strasbourg et Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Sociale.

The objective of this article is to assess the way in which medical knowledge builds up and changes. The authors take a specific example: malaria in Senegal. This research in historical anthropology is based on the study of knowledge as conveyed in doctoral theses in medicine. Such theses constitute elements of production of medical knowledge and therefore are a prime bases ofr understanding how knowleged is established and evolves. This material is examined in comparison wiht directives and other documents issued by WHO. Two levels of analysis are developed: of prevention policies and of treatment methods.

Key-words : anthropology of health - care providers - history - knowledge - malaria - medicine - practices - Senegal