Abstract in English


Three subject-stages in the globalisation of the health standard

Bernard Hours

Anthropologue, IRD, UR "Travail et mondialisation"

This article puts in perspective three subjects constructed on the field of health: public health, humanitarian ideology, and perfect health. The first objet, public health, focuses on the field of social relations where the symbolic force of therapeutic power has particularly structuring effect. A formulation is made of a right to health. Humanitarian ideology brings in compassion-inspired intervention carried out in the name of a right to live for which emergency medicine appears as the prime tool. The right to live is presented as the basic minimum form of the right to health. The notion of perfect health, the logic for which is developing under our very eyes, constitutes a third prospective subject, which renews representations of health, because it involves a duty with regard to health, whose imperative nature leads to reformulation of the respective positions of real and symbolic actors and the constructin of social bonding by way of health.

Key-words : globalisation - humanitarian ideology - public heath.